Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

        I thought I'd make up for not posting after Nathan's birthday. I've had some requests for me to update my blog. I tried to blow them off and say-"We're home-there's no more excitement!" But then a part of me thought that maybe seeing our ordinary life would make you smile as much as it's made us smile in the past several months. Our home is filled with laughter, dirty laundry, dancing, apple juice, choo choos,  ravioli stained clothes,  and lots of hugs and love.
Fun in the sun. June 2011
Take me out to the ball game!
        It's New Years Eve. Fireworks are going off and with each one, I'm hoping Nathan doesn't wake up. My how things have changed since the New Year's Eve trips to Gatlinburg that Greg and I went on 10 years ago!
Enjoying Naples as a family. July 2011
       2011 has been good to us. We've been home now for over nine months. Nathan has been with us longer than he was in the orphanage in Taiwan.  In May we celebrated his first birthday and since then, so many other firsts have taken place. To bid farewell to 2011, I thought I'd share some of our highlights.
        Summer was so much fun! We traveled to  Lake Cumberland and took our first family vacation to Florida. Nathan spent lots of time splashing in whatever water he could find. Whether it was his splash table, the baby pool, or the beach, wherever there was water, Nathan would jump right in! When we weren't in the water, we were taking in Red's games and having fun with friends.
       Nathan was baptized in August at St. Al's on the Ohio. It was a wonderful day for us.  St. Al's is the church I was baptized in, and the church my dad attended as a child. This old, beautiful church held just our family and friends for the occasion. The priest asked the children to come up and watch over Nathan. Even the German Homoelle's -Dieter and Marlies were able to make it. Nathan looked quite "spiffy" in his little white outfit (There aren't many options for older children's outfits!)  My mom gave him my dad's old wooden rosary to hold.  Our ornery little guy looked angelic-just for a minute :) 
Holy Baptism- August 2011
         As the fall approached in September, Nathan spent time watching Colby's football games and going to lots of pumpkin patches.  We went to Lebanon's Apple Fest and to Iron's Fruit Farm. Nathan learned how to say pumpkin, and got used to going to Miss Nova during the day. 
         October is our favorite month. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary with our first trip away from Nathan for the night-and he did just fine for Mimi and Papa. I love the fall, and I especially LOVE Halloween. I couldn't wait to have Nathan here for our annual Homoelle Halloween Party that we always have for our neices and nephews.  I had the perfect plan-a visit from Brian at  He brought a few creepy critters and we had a blast.
A creepy Halloween party guest. October 2011
          Halloween night was just as fun. Nathan was a monkey and loved the idea of getting things put in his pumpkin bucket. His first taste of candy-a piece of a Starburst, brought a wild, crazy look to his eyes, and I vowed to never give him it again!
          Thanksgiving came quickly in November.  We traveled to Lexington to Uncle Tom's and Aunt Patti's.  Nathan ate lots of turkey, but especially liked Aunt Patti's wicked pumpkin cheesecake. We counted our blessings.
Our little monkey. Halloween 2011
          New Years has a different feel to it this year. I'm excited for 2012. I know we have a lot more in store for us as parents. I can't look forward without looking back. We're so grateful to have Nathan in our lives. Thanks to all of you for supporting us and celebrating all the ordinary and extraordinary gifts parenthood brings.


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  1. Shannon, thank you so much for the updated posts. I loved the Year in Review. You and Greg are so lucky to have Nathan but Nathan is extremely luckly to have you both as parents. Wish you a wonderful 2012! Beth Locaputo Bradshaw